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A new year, a brand new product

One year is behind us. We’ve been through a lot and made a lot of lovely memories, but as with any other job, going through ups and downs is inevitable. Luckily for us, ups have greatly outnumbered the downs and that’s why we’re still sailing. One of my favourite things is contact with artists as well as with buyers, who are the main reason for starting up this whole story. I’m happy to see that people often give their own ideas or recommend artists who they think we could include in our project.

For me, it’s a certain acknowledgment of our success as the main idea of this project is for it to be interactive. So I was often asked if a single cookie package is available or, even more often, if they can be combined. That’s exactly why we’ve decided to launch a small package with a single cookie and a magnet for all of you who can’t settle upon just one artist, but want to buy the whole collection or just some parts of it. So this is how our magnets came to life and they were presented with great success no less than at The Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb, which makes us extremely proud.

Staying loyal to the souvenir/lasting memory concept, along with the cookie a magnet was added to the package. What’s more, there’s option of customizing your collection while getting a discount in our web shop.

We are a playful bunch so hopefully it will be great fun for others as well to customize their BITE ART Cookie & magnet collections.

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