Ana Šerić Edible art project

Since 2010 Ana has organized a series of exhibitions on the topic of edible art as well as the ones which emerged as a reaction to her fellow artists’ works. Realizing that there is a need to propagate a concept of self-ironizing art, she came up with a concept of a product/gift/souvenir which goes beyond being just an object and introduces Croatian art to a wider public through active engagement in the project.

BITE ART is a socially engaged project which presents Croatian fine artists, while at the same time asking the questions “What is art?” and “Who is it for?” Not doubting the fact that art is an elite discipline, BITE ART inspires the public to experience art through an accessible medium. By making a pun in the very title of the project and by introducing treats to art, she celebrates and satirizes art at the same time. Finally, it is every artwork’s goal to be thought-provoking and to spark active engagement.

BITE ART, an edible art project, created by Ana Šerić, will be launched soon along with the first line of products and an art platform.

Ana Šerić’s idea of the BITE ART project is a platform that will, through this website, keep both Croatian and world public informed about the activities of the Croatian artists featured in the project’s collection

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