Ana Kolega invites you on a journey to Dalmatia of the past: a colorful flashback packed with jovial ships, sailors in their striped shirts, patient brides and a galore of goodbye kisses.

Her painted stories are like old sentimental movies – nothing strange for such a die-hard romantic and passionate tango dancer that is Ana.

Ana Kolega portrait

Ana Kolega was born in Zadar. After completing high school in Zadar, she earned a degree from both Faculty of Textile Technology and Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. Today she lives and works between Zadar and Zagreb. Ana’s interests go beyond painting, in that they include other forms of art that she incorporates in her paintings envisioning them in her own unique way.

This versatile artist has succeeded in attracting many writers, theatres, as well as renowned musicians to collaborate. In this fashion her oeuvre extends to successful illustrations of children’s colouring books, books, booklets (ZOO oglasi, Dječji oglasi, Zmajevi i vukodlaci, Daj ne daj da) and CD covers of some renowned musicians.

Some of her album cover art includes: Darko Rundek’s Plavi avion, Pavel’s Pavel, Stanislav Kovačić’s Uspavanka za djecu i odrasle and Tim Finoulst’s (Belgium) Narrative.

She’s a member of a vocal instrumental ensemble Ezerki i sedam osmina. Ana has a lasting passion for tango, therefore this kind of music is unfailing part of her dancing and singing repertoire, while her penchant for performance often gets her involved in theatre projects of Verdi Theatre in Zadar.

Ana Kolega has produced an admirable painting oeuvre that pushes the boundaries of painting by working with contemporary art media.

While she is no stranger to monochromatic canvases, the artist is best noted for her joie de vivre and a palette of bright colours which make her canvases, as well as her illustrations, colourful, lilting and dancing. Ana’s artworks often feature texts while the figures portrayed in perpetual motion and carried away in their own fervour are taken from Ana’s hometown of Zadar. Recurring motifs in Ana’s artworks are thus town sceneries, beaches, boats, Dalmatian streets, summer colours and summer love affairs derived from her life stories and journal entries. One quite like that has been depicted in four edible little paintings that adorn the pepper cookies. Her every painting, every illustration and every portrayed excerpt of a story works towards a happy ending.

BITE ART Ana Kolega – The Sea and Love

21,25  (VAT included)

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