Hrvoje Majer is a painter of the quietest things, like portraits of mysterious young men full of untold stories, meditating in the midst of the solemn sanctuary called Nature.

On a stage bursting with bright neon green they live their silent lives in a world skillfully created by one of the most sensitive Croatian young artists of today.

Hrvoje Majer portrait

Hrvoje Majer was born in Osijek, and in 2003, upon completing his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, he continues studying in London at the Fine Arts, University of Arts, Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design. Having lived in London for eight years, he settles in Zagreb, to which he owes inspiration for his paintings.

While still studying in Zagreb, he created a notable and abundant oeuvre, laid back, full of suspense and self awareness.

However, his recent works diverge significantly from the former ones in the matter of figurativeness. Hrvoje Majer’s painting unveils fruitful search for various identities that used to surround him in multicultural London. Picked from an infinite source of people’s destinies, these figures , although cloaked in a veil of mysticism, persist in Majer’s paintings. Rather than portraying only people, they portray situations which brazenly unearth life truths, without diverging from the intimacy of private space or freedom that has been provided by virtual manipulation.

In his provocative captions, Hrvoje Majer hints the plot that unfolds between the depicted figures, but refrains from disclosing the details of the narrative. On the contrary, he freezes the chosen moment leaving it for the spectator to give their own interpretation; condemnation or judgement.

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