Marko Tadić patiently creates his own private worlds, each with its original narrative told in a form of strict, almost monochromatic collages or articulate drawings made on old maps, postcards and photographs.

Reduced to an archetypal level, his works elude simple and straightforward explanations… like dreams usually do.

Marko Tadic portrait

Artist Marko Tadić was born in Sisak in 1979. Having earned a degree in painting from the Academia di Belle Arti in Florence, he pursued his art career by appearing as a guest artist at residential programmes in Helsinki, New York, Los Angeles, Frankfurt am Main and Vienna. During his stay in Los Angeles he takes the advice of his Australian colleague, an animation professor, and creates his first stop animation work which brings him Radoslav Putar Award in 2008 for “Best Young Contemporary Artist”.

That was just the start of his award collection which now contains the 3rd prize at T-HT@MSU exhibition, Best Design Award at the Croatian Animation Festival (FHAF) in 2012, and Vladimir Nazor Award for “Best Exhibition” in 2015. Alongside Tina Gverović, he is a Croatian representative at this year’s Venice Biennale as a part of Branka Benčić’s curatorial concept.

Marko Tadić’s expertise is drawing, collage, animation and instalment. His ideas are built on the utopian architecture of the WWII aftermath along with modern urbanism. In search for scenograpy media, he browses through old photos from Zagreb flea markets such as Hrelić or Britanac, through blueprints of unbuilt cities and places that once used to exist and now exist only in Marko’s artworks.

He incorporates science fiction into somewhat obsolete places creating thus surreal images with an almost tangible plot. As if it had always existed there, his drawing floats through backgrounds. Marko gets absorbed in the content of the found art media, brings them to life, transforms them, sets them up in a new context and puts them to use in creating new truths and images.

The artist elicits an individual interpretation and subtly, refraining from thrusting any definite answers upon the spectator, his artworks serve as an eye-opener to endless possibilities. Marko consciously discerns between various plots contained in the art media that stand in front of him; not letting himself to be just led by their content, he manipulates it creating his own visions.

The artwork captions have a captivating allure and give away only a slight hint of what lays behind them. At the same time, they frame the artwork not allowing the thoughts to trespass out of the given frame. By applying this approach the artist elicits subconscious focus on the conceived idea.

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