The pepper cookie package with a magnet is a perfect token of appreciation. When hosting an event, it invites your guests to take a bite of art, while the magnet provides them with lasting memories.

Let our interactive invitation cards with augmented reality amaze your guests. Provide them with a small movie screen which shows up to 30 seconds of videos of your choice.

The invitation transforms into a thank-you card by subsequently changing the cover video.

Exciting, isn’t it?

The cookie packaging may be customized with your company logo.

Customized Corporate Pepper Cookies
Add your signature to your business meetings and conferences.

Love Edition Pepper Cookies
Love cookies and magnets with our Ana Koleaga’s love motifs make charming wedding thank-you cards.

Interactive Video Invitation Card
Start a video with your customized message by scanning the QR code on the invitation cover page.

Contact us for personalized pepper cookies.


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