ANA ŠERIĆ Edible Art Project

BITE ART are unique art-cookies created by artist Ana Šerić as part of her “Edible art” project and aimed to promote Croatia in a single but impressive product.

They are traditional cookies taken to a new level – enriched with reproductions of Croatian artworks and transformed into an interactive souvenir that affects the senses and touches the heart.

Ana Šerić graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. In her art projects, she is often concerned with the idea of art and artist’s role in society. In 2009 the project named Edible Art was created as part of which Ana, so to say, sends a message to artists to get involved in production of edible art because they had been “below the breadline” for quite some time. At the same time, she asks the question “Who is art for?”.

BITE ART is a follow-up of Edible Art Project. It’s a product offered to anyone bold enough to take a bite.

BITE ART collections feature a selection of Croatian artists such as Ana Kolega, Hrvoje Majer, OKO and Marko Tadić as well as masterpieces of our renowned painters – Ivan Rabuzin, Ivan Večenaj and Vlaho Bukovac.

We recommend BITE ART as an ideal corporation or diplomatic gift, a souvenir that brings art into the private and business interiors. In each BITE ART package there is a certificate which proves the artwork authenticity and it has been approved by the artists themselves or their heirs.

The idea of the BITE ART project is to become a platform whose aim is, through this website, to keep both Croatian and world public informed about the activities of the Croatian artists whose works have been included in the project’s collection.

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