ANA ŠERIĆ Edible Art Project

BITE ART are unique art-cookies created by artist Ana Šerić as part of her “Edible art” project and aimed to promote Croatia in a single but impressive product.

They are traditional cookies taken to a new level – enriched with reproductions of Croatian artworks and transformed into an interactive souvenir that affects the senses and touches the heart.

BITE ART are unique art-cookies created by artist Ana Šerić as part of her  “Edible art” project.

Ana Šerić graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. Already during her studies, she starts to explore the possibilities of different media and creates works in the most diverse forms. Throughout her work she has often been concerned with the concept of art and the artist’s role in society.

One of her solo exhibitions Ask Not What the Gallery Can Do for You, Ask What You Can Do for the Gallery is about art scrounging as she asks the audience to fill in for her in creating art works. I Love to Travel is an art work which explores the role of women artists in society. It consists of photos developed on canvases covered with a layer of photo emulsion and hung along a washing line.

In 2009 the Edible Art project was born. As part of the project she proposes, so to speak, to her fellow artists to create edible art as they’ve been, by the looks of it,” living on the breadline” for so long. At the same time she asks the question “Who is art for?”

She creates oversized Christmas cakes and applies contemporary artists’ works onto them making in this way art consumption accessible to mass audience. At the exhibition called The Importance of Being Ana she exhibits a cake with Hard Art Work Brings Home the Bacon written on it and the work itself was called Let’s Consume Art. During the exhibition the cake was split among the audience and documented on Polaroid photos which remained on the wall above the serving tray as a proof that the audience had consumed art.

Within the project and in collaboration with numerous artists from the Croatian Association of Artists she develops Let Them Eat Cakes project.

BITE ART springs from the Edible Art project and it asks the same questions in a more extensive way. It keeps people informed and entertained while at the same time serving them art on a tray.

The authentic artistic pepper cookies of refined taste handcrafted and wrapped in an interactive package go beyond the traditional Croatian recipes, and following up the art they become pepper cookies with a character. Characterized by a refined taste of a pleasant combination of as many as ten exotic spices, they have been created in association with Dubravka Novotni and Lidija Drobac from the Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology.

The first BITE ART collection comprises six products, each representing one of the selected artists. The pepper cookies come in an interactive package. After enjoying the treat, the package can be turned into a picture frame each containing 4 artwork reproductions of renowned Croatian artists.

With this selection for her first collection, Ana Šerić wanted to present the diversity of artistic genres and expressions – from the topics artists choose to explore to the style they employ, including as well their life stories. The collection thus features reproductions of the younger generation’s works: Ana Kolega, Hrvoje Majer, OKO and Marko Tadić, as well as masterpieces of our notable artists Ivan Rabuzin and Vlaho Bukovac.

As a product, BITE ART can serve as a perfect corporate or diplomatic gift or souvenir, while it can also be used as a decoration in small interior spaces. The branding and design of the BITE ART package, signed by Design Bureau Izvorka Jurić, convey in a refined way the background and mood of the artist’s work, as well as Ana Šerić’s original concept.

The key here is not only the product, namely a package with 4 pepper cookies inside, but also the collaboration with the artists who in this way talk to the public. Hence, every package has an enclosed certificate of authenticity for the artworks signed by artists themselves or their heirs.

The idea of the BITE ART project is to become a platform whose aim is, through this website, to keep both Croatian and world public informed about the activities of the Croatian artists whose works have been included in the project’s collection.

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The BITE ART office is situated right in the main square, and we’re always cooking up something new for you to see it, just a stone’s throw from all the hustle and bustle of busy streets of downtown Zagreb.

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