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IVAN VEČENAJ Born in 1920 in the village Gola of Prekodravlje, a part of the Podravina region in the Croatian
Vlaho Bukovac - “Konavle Woman in Winter Clothes”, 1885.-1886. View Large
VLAHO BUKOVAC Vlaho Bukovac – a glance on his canvas – and we’re transported to another place, another time: we can
Ana Kolega - “Kiss”, 2015. View Large
ANA KOLEGA Ana Kolega invites you on a journey to Dalmatia of the past: a colorful flashback packed with jovial
Ivan Rabuzin - “Forest Wildflowers”, 1980. View Large
IVAN RABUZIN Ivan Rabuzin is everything but – naïve; his landscapes, exploding like fireworks yet consisting of very subtle shades
Marko Tadic - “A sculpture”, 2015. View Large
MARKO TADIĆ Marko Tadić patiently creates his own private worlds, each with its original narrative told in a form of
OKO - “Prophets of the Enlightenment”, 2016. View Large


OKO OKO is a fine artist WHO a ne THAT often combines different urban and street techniques. Although she is
Hrvoje Majer - “He was good with his hands”, 2015. View Large
HRVOJE MAJER Hrvoje Majer is a painter of the quietest things, like portraits of mysterious young men full of untold